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The IAGSDC site has been completely revamped, with some new features for members.

  • a  new look and feel
  • mobile-friendly, works well on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • a more complete members section for logged-in users
  • a stronger permissions structure... more
Welcome to the IAGSDC

The IAGSDC supports gay and lesbian Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) clubs worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Japan. Our organization was formed by and for lesbians and gay men and for their friends. You do not have to identify as gay or lesbian to dance with an IAGSDC club.... more

Moving Profiles

The new IAGSDC website requires a unique email address for each profile.  Since many profiles on the old IAGSDC website shared an email address, that presented a conversion problem.

We initially thought it might be possible to clean up duplicate email addresses before the move to the new... more

Convention Guide

Our annual convention is a huge party, normally held over the July 4th (USA Independence) weekend. But for new-comers, the event can be confusing and even overwhelming. That's why Allan Hurst (a square dancer and caller) put together his Guide To IAGSDC Conventions. The guide was first... more

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Interested in Modern Western Square Dancing that is open to everyone?  Use the form at the left to contact the IAGSDC, or alternatively, send snail mail to:

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs
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