Becoming a Member Club

Membership of the Association grants clubs and organizations a number of benefits. This page summarizes membership requirements; full information is provided in the Bylaws of the Association.

Full Member

Full membership is granted to clubs meeting the following requirements:

  • Must be a gay-oriented square dance club.
  • Follow the standard square dance programs as prescribed by CALLERLAB.
  • Be non-profit in structure and intent; that is, member clubs exist for social, recreational and educational purposes and are not primarily performing groups.
  • Be ethically run in a non-competitive spirit.
  • Have membership open to anyone regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Have and maintain a membership of at least 8 dancers.

Associate Member

The requirements are similar to the requirements for full members, but with these permitted exceptions:

  • Not gay-oriented
  • Run primarily for-profit
  • Performance only
  • Has fewer than 8 paid up members

Individual Member

Individual Membership is automatically granted to each Individual Member of a Full Membership club. Individual members may participate as voting members in General Meetings of the Association. They have the right to voice their ideas and opinions through their club delegate to the Executive Board for consideration.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Membership may be granted to any organization whose purpose is associated with that of the IAGSDC, but that does not meet the requirements for Associate Membership. Examples include convention planning committees and rodeo associations.

Application Process

A formal written application and a set of bylaws must be submitted to the Executive Board 60 days prior to the annual Executive Board Meeting (which is always held just before the annual convention). Submission is normally made through one of the officers of the association. Clubs and other entities meeting all requirements and receiving approval by the Executive Board will be granted appropriate membership upon payment of the appropriate fee. To submit an application, or for more information, contact the Club Liaison Officer of the organization through the contact page. Additional information is also available in the Bylaws of the Association.