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Welcome to the IAGSDC

The IAGSDC supports gay and lesbian Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) clubs worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Japan. Our organization was formed by and for lesbians and gay men and for their friends. You do not have to identify as gay or lesbian to dance with an IAGSDC club. Membership is open to all square dancers. All IAGSDC clubs dance the Callerlab specified levels of MWSD.

New Site Launching July 15, 2017

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Coming Soon: Our Next Annual Convention!

Every year, dancers from clubs in Canada, the USA, and Japan gather together for a wonderful weekend of dancing, parties, and fun as only a gay organization can provide! Click on the image below for event information from the organizers:

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel Open for 2017 Bookings

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Pix from Maple Leafs Regroup 2016

Many thanks to Byron Godfrey and Maple Leafs Regroup for making these photos available free of charge.

Group Photo, Maple Leafs Regroup
Club Photos, Maple Leafs Regroup

History of the IAGSDC

The IAGSDC was formed in 1983 at a time when straight clubs did not permit gay and lesbian couples to join them in square dancing. It was a time when it was almost impossible to find a straight caller willing to call for a gay group. The Gay Callers Association was formed to fill the need for callers to call for gay clubs; and the IAGSDC was created to promote the activity for our gay and lesbian community. You can now read all about the first ten years of the IAGSDC in "Ten Years IAGSDC", available as a PDF. For more information, visit our history site