Hosting a Convention

We are always pleased to hear from clubs or other organizations that are interested in hosting a future convention. This is a major undertaking, requiring several years of planning; so we want to be sure you know what you are taking on before you apply. For that reason, we strongly suggest you contact the current Chair of the IAGSDC (through our contacts page) before you start.

The first step you need to take is to make your intention to bid on a specific year known to the Executive Board. The Executive Board meeting is held annually at convention. The body of the board consists of delegates elected by member clubs to represent them at the meeting. Clubs are initially asked to declare their intent to bid on a specific year before they need to start work on the actual bid process. This saves everyone wasted effort during the bid stage.

The next stage in bidding is to put together your team, find a hotel or venue, and prepare a formal bid proposal - we can show you how to do that once we know you are interested. During the bid process, you will be incurring some startup costs, which is another reason we require you to declare your interest ahead of time. (If too many clubs want to bid on the same year, we'll advise some of them to reconsider their application for a different year).

Your formal bid must be presented to the Executive Board, usually a year after you indicate your intent to bid. If the Executive Board likes the bid, then you are awarded a contract with the IAGSDC to use their name for your event. You retain complete control over the event itself, though you must meet certain requirements as specified in the contract (such as providing rooms/time for meetings etc).

The full process is defined in the bylaws of the Assocation; please read them before contacting the Chair of the Association. Thank you so much for your interest! This is a big undertaking, but it will earn you a huge THANK YOU! from your fellow dancers.

PLEASE NOTE: Organizations bidding for a convention must include an IAGSDC member club as part of their group. Hotels/resorts are ineligible to bid directly. If you represent such an organization, we thank you for your interest, and ask that you contact your local IAGSDC member club to see if they are interested in partnering with you.