Other Resources

This page includes links to various general square dance resources. If you are aware of other resources that should be listed here, contact iagsdc.org website support.


A.R.T.S is an abbreviation of the Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-dance. The alliance includes the following organizations:

The organization focuses on the promotion of all forms of dance.


DoSaDo is the leading Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) web site. It inncludes a section for the gay and lesbian community. Many of the sections are of general interest to all square dancers.

Caller & Cuer Database

Run by Vic and Debbie Ceder, this site contains an extensive database of callers.

For callers, Vic's site also provides a large collection of choreography and other resources. From this site, you can also purchase Vic's computer program, the Cedar Square Dance System. This application is used by many callers for managing their MP3 resources, creating their own choreography, and running their dances. (Note: IAGSDC® does not endorse any particular program; information is provided here as a service to our members).

You 2 Can Dance

You 2 Can Dance is a central site collecting information about Square Dance, Round Dance, and Contra. This site is intended primarily for new dancers and non-dancers, but there is information available for everyone.