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Jul 4-7, 2024 Carolina Twirl - 2024 IAGSDC Convention

Saundra Bryant, Vic Ceder, Betsy Gotta, Patty Greene, Dayle Hodge, Ted Lizotte, Michael Kellogg, and more TBD

Durham, NC Login to Register
Sep 1-3, 2023 Cast a Shadow on the Rio Grande [West A&C]

Vic Ceder, Sandie Bryant, Ett McAtee, Barry Clasper, and Kris Jensen

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Login to Register
Sep 2-4, 2022 Chase the Chile 2022

Barry Clasper, Kris Jensen, Scott Amspoker

Albuquerque, NM Login to Register
Sep 23-25, 2022 Detour Back to Denver! (IAGSDC West Coast A&C Weekend)

Vic Ceder, Rob French, Betsy Gotta, Dayle Hodge, Michael Kellogg

Denver, CO Login to Register
Jul 5-8, 2023 Follow Your Northern Neighbour - Ottawa 2023 Convention

Barry Clasper, Bill Eyler, Chris Phillips, Deborah Carroll-Jones, Don Moger, Kris Jensen, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Trail In Dance: Tim Crawford and Wendy VanderMeulen

Ottawa, ON
Nov 11-13, 2022 Harvest Festival Hoedown #26: "Half a Deck"

Chris Phillips, Darren Gallina, Sandie Bryant

Harrisburg, PA
Mar 24-26, 2023 Independence Squares 2023 Fly-In "I Will Survive! A Disco Fever Celebration"

Sandie Bryant, Eric Henerlau, Dayle Hodge

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Sep 8-10, 2023 Mountain Mixx 2023 Fly-In

We will announce this soon!

Denver, CO
Oct 7-9, 2022 Peel Off in Palm Springs 2022

Bill Eyler

Palm Springs, CA Login to Register
Oct 14-16, 2022 Peel The Pumpkin 2022 "Wheel Around Woodstock"

Dayle Hodge, Howard RIchman, Ted Lizotte

Fort LEe, NJ
Jul 22-24, 2022 POOF! Come Make Magic with Us! C-1 Blitz weekend

Dayle Hodge

Atlanta, GA Login to Register
Jan 13-15, 2023 Promenade Down Peachtree! (PDP!)

Sandie Bryant, Tom Miller and Ted Lizotte

Decatur, GA Login to Register
May 24-26, 2024 Scoot Across the Border 2024: Dancing Queen

Dale Hodge, Tim Crawford

Toronto, ON Login to Register
Sep 30, 2022 to
Oct 2, 2022
The Great Chicago Crossfire 2022

Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder

Chicago, IL