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Event Date Event Name Caller(s)sort descending Location Website Register Tours
Aug 28-30, 2020 2020 West Coast A/C Callers TBD Palm Desert, CA
Apr 15-17, 2019 CALLERLAB Annual Convention Callers TBD CALLERLAB Annual Convention
Apr 26-28, 2019 Ropin the River 2019 - Recycle the River

Betsy Gotta, Justin Russell

Grand Rapids, MI Ropin the River Fly-In - Recycle the River Login to Register
Feb 15-18, 2019 Superhero Swap Around - FTF XII

Anne Ubelacker, Chris Phillips, Mike Cox

Saint Petersburg, FL Suncoast Squares
Oct 19-21, 2018 Matrix Dance - Anne Uebelacker and Patricia Wahle

Anne Uebelacker, Patricia Wahle

Federal Way, WA
Jul 2-5, 2020 Take a Peak

Anne Uebelacker

Barry Clasper

Bear Miller

Dayle Hodge

Deborah Carroll-Jones

Gary Monday

Sandie Bryant

Vic Ceder

Denver, CO Take a Peak Login to Register Tours
Feb 15-17, 2019 ACDC 2019

Barry Clasper, Sue Curtis, Don Moger

ACDC 2019
Oct 19-21, 2018 Peel Off in Palm Springs 2018

Bill Eyler

Palm Springs, CA Peel Off Login to Register
Oct 18-20, 2018 TEXPACC (Texas Premier Advanced and Challenge Convention) 2018

Bronc Wise, Tim Ploch, Darryl Lipscomb, Vic Ceder, and Ross Howell

Paris, TX Texas Premier Advanced & Challenge Convention (TEXPACC)
Oct 19-21, 2018 LCFD Fall Contra Dance Camp

Frannie Marr, Chris Ricciotti, Dean Allemang

Becket, MA LCFD
Sep 27-29, 2019 Women's Weekend

Kris Jensen, Anne Uebelacker, Diana Wedel

Portland, OR
May 24-26, 2019 Scoot Across the Border: Wheel and Deal

Kris Jensen, Joe Uebelacker

Toronto, ON Scoot Across the Border Login to Register
Oct 26-28, 2018 Scares & Squares 2018

Kris Jensen, Michael Kellogg, Gary Monday

Portland, OR Rosetown Ramblers Login to Register
Jan 18-20, 2019 Promenade Down Peachtree - 2019 - Flip Back to the 60s

Kris Jensen, Vic Ceder, Bill Eyler

Decatur, GA Promenade Down Peachtree - 2019
Feb 1-3, 2019 SWING THRU THE PALMS #10

Michael Kellog, David Mee, Rod Shuping

Nov 1-3, 2019 Puddletown Grand Mix, West Coast A&C Weekend

Sandie Bryant, Anne Uebelacker, Todd Fellegy, Rob French, Vic Ceder, Ryo Sasaki


Seattle, WA Login to Register
Oct 26-28, 2018 Peel the Pumpkin

Sandie Bryant, Betsy Gotta, Ted Lizotte

Mar 27-29, 2020 28th Philadelphia Freedom Fly-In

Sandie Bryant, Todd Fellegy, Dayle Hodge

Aug 18-22, 2019 Catch C2 2019

Sandie Bryant

Sebastopol, CA Challenge in the Wine Country Login to Register
Mar 8-10, 2019 Rain Festival 2019

Saundra Bryant, Anne Uebelacker, Eric Henerlau

Seattle, WA Puddletown Rain Festival 2019 Login to Register
Jul 2-4, 2021 2021 IAGSDC Convention - Houston TX


Houston, TX TBA
May 26-29, 2022 2022 IAGSDC Convention - Minneapolis


Minneapolis, MN TBA
Sep 2-4, 2022 Chase the Chile 2022


Albuquerque, NM
Sep 17-20, 2020 Veer North to the Capital 2020

To be announced.

Ottawa, ON
Oct 18-20, 2019 Peel Off in Palm Springs 2019

Todd Fellegy

Palm Springs, CA Peel Off Login to Register
May 17-19, 2019 Stumptown Stomp Fly-in

Vic Ceder, Anne Uebelacker

Guerneville, CA Stumptown Stomp 2019
Aug 11-15, 2019 Latch on C3A 2019

Vic Ceder

Sebastopol, CA Challenge in the Wine Country Login to Register
Mar 29-31, 2019 Load the Minnow! Cast Back to Gilligan's Island

Betsy Gotta, John Marshall, and Ken Ritucci

Exton, PA Registration Form
Mar 1-3, 2019 Scoot Back to Big D - 2019

Bronc Wise,Dayle Hodge

Dallas, TX Scoot Back to Big D - 2019 Login to Register
Apr 26-28, 2019 Pass the Ocean, Hon! 2019

Ett McAtee, Tom Miller, Dayle Hodge

Rehoboth Beach, DE Pass the Ocean, Hon! 2019 Login to Register
Nov 9-11, 2018 Harvest Festival Hoedown XXV

John Marshall, Kris Jensen, Gary Monday, and GCA guest callers

Harrisburg, PA Harvest Festival Hoedown XXV
Jul 4-7, 2019 Belles Run Philadelphia 2019

Saundra Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Betsy Gotta, Dayle Hodge, Geo Jedlicka, Michael Kellogg, Anne Uebelacker, and more TBA.

Philadelphia, PA Belles Run Philadelphia 2019
Sep 4-6, 2020 Chase the Chile 2020

Vic Ceder, Kris Jensen, and Scott Amspoker

Albuquerque, NM Chase the Chile 2020