Medallion Recipients

Congratulations to those who have been awarded attendance medallions! Medallions are awarded for attending 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35 Conventions. These awards are made by Rick Hawes, the Medallion Step-Mother. Rick brings his records to each convention, and attendees are responsible for checking his records to make sure all their previous attendance has been recorded.

IMPORTANT: inclusion on the list below is controlled by IAGSDC members in their on-line profile, not Rick. If you have received a medallion and you are not on this list, you need to login to IAGSDC.ORG and update the Medallions section of your profile. Please don't contact Rick - there's nothing he can do to update this web page!

10 Year Medallion : Tony Gangloff
10 Year Medallion : Vinnie Metzger
10 Year Medallion : Warren Jaquith
10 Year Medallion : Tony Horvat
10 Year Medallion : Wally Ropchan
10 Year Medallion : Will Hamp
10 Year Medallion : Travis Gregory
10 Year Medallion : Wardson Lambert
10 Year Medallion : William McCrory
10 Year Medallion : Vic Ceder