It's Our Birthday - 37th (formerly 36th) Anniversary Celebration

Event Date Event Website
Oct 15, 2021 to Oct 16, 2021 (Website not provided)

Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 37th (formerly 36th) Anniversary Celebration


Kris Jensen

Venue Location
Christ Church United Methodist
690 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80206
United States
Type Description Fee Fee Valid Thru Transferable
Dancer Member 36.00 Oct 7, 2021 Yes
Dancer Member 45.00 Oct 16, 2021 Yes
Dancer (special) Non-Member 40.00 Oct 7, 2021 Yes
Dancer (special) Non-Member 50.00 Oct 16, 2021 Yes
Student New "Blend the Limes" 25.00 Oct 16, 2021 Yes
Non-Dancer Banquet Only 25.00 Oct 17, 2021 Yes
Contact Name: 
Brett Miller
Contact Email: 

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Make Check Payable To: 
Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus
Mailing Address for Checks: 
% Paul Rothe
16396 E Hialeah Dr
Centennial, CO 80015
United States
Meal DescriptionMeal Offering
Saturday Banquet
Chicken (details to be announced soon)
Vegan/Vegetarian (details to be announced soon)
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