Teaching Resources: Call Examples

There are numerous sites on the Internet that provide animations or videos to help you learn the steps for each square dance level. This page consolidates links for some of the best examples. Since none of the sites listed are maintained by the IAGSDC, it is quite possible you will find that some do not work; in which case, please email the webmaster so that we can go ahead and fix the information presented here.


The call lists for Modern Western Square Dance are defined by CallerLab. Their site contains a list of all current levels, the calls for each level, and definitions. This is the only reference source required for call definitions.

Square dancing was not always formulated as we know it today. First published in 1988, the Burleson's Square Dance Encyclopedia contains the definition of over 5,000 calls that were at some point used in square dance. This directory will be mostly of use to callers and others interested in the history of calling; it can also be the source of novelty material for dances.


Not everyone can learn by reading a definition; for some, a visual representation of the moves is required. There are various sources for this kind of matieral. The most complete and useful set of free animations is the TAMinations collection.

An older, but useful selection of animations is available from a company called Square Dance CD. However, not all the animations for every list are free. You can purchase a CD from them with all the calls illustrated. (The IAGSDC is not associated with, does not benefit from, and does not necessarily recommend the purchase of this or any other product).

The Open Squares site (a German site, but presented in both German and English) also provides free animations.

Video Resources

One of the best series of video instructional material available free on the Internet is from the Saddlebrook Squares club in Tucson, Arizona. They also sell DVD copies of these videos.

Another company marketing their own videos, the Traveling Hoedowners provide limited examples of their videos online. To view all the videos, you must buy their product.