Event Detail - C3A week with Vic Ceder and Rob French

Event NameC3A week with Vic Ceder and Rob French
Event TypeNon-affiliated (gay-friendly)
Host Club
Event siteWebsite
Caller(s)Vic Ceder (August 3 to 7), Rob French (Aug 8-9)


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Additional Information:

Call John and Melissa Rickard at 530-524-6922 or email jrickard@snowcrest.net

2014 Flyer is not available yet. But here is the tentative schedule based on the past events: Vic Ceder Aug 3 (Sunday): 7-9pm Aug 4-7 (Mon - Thur): 10-12pm C3A, 12-12:30pm C3B Star Tip, 2-4pm C3A, 4-4:30pm C3B Star Tip, 7-9pm C3A. Rob French (new addition to the C3A week in 2014, extra cost to attend Fri and Sat), Aug 8 and 9 (Fri and Sat), 10-12pm, 2-4pm, 7-9pm. Note from Rob French: The first two sessions of each day will be a workshop emphasizing C3A concepts and introducing C3B concepts using C3A calls with the goal of improving C3A dancing ability. The evening session on each day will be a C3A dance using the concepts workshopped so far.