Detail for Bradley Bell

Address PO Box 9942
AZ 85068
Main Contact Gordon Macaw
Email Contacts stepmother@bradleybell.org
Telephone 602 703 2298
Website www.bradleybell.org

About Our Club

Since the Inaugural Edition in 1988, the Bradley Bell has been published every year and the spirit of camaraderie is what the Bradley Bell is all about. It is a personal telephone directory for friends (both old and new) to use to keep in touch. You dont have to be a square dancer in order to list. You go out and make the friends; we will keep your address book for you. If you meet someone new at an event and want to exchange addresses, simply state that you are in the Bradley Bell and continue with your business. We have many subscribers who can attest to the ability of the Bradley Bell to expedite trysts and romances.rnrnBradley Bell is legit. We have filed a Fictitious Business Name Statement and have a bank account under that name. There has also been a Trade Name Certification filed with the State of Arizona, Department of State, Trade Name #245307. The directory is published each year around the end of August.rn


Dance nights and dance levels:

Club Officers and Delegates:

President Gordon Macaw
Treasurer Gordon Macaw
Delegate Gordon Macaw
Delegate (Alt) Seth Levine