Detail for Triangle Squares

Address 552 Church Street
PO Box 57
Ontario M4Y 2E3
Main Contact Peter Brych
Email Contacts info@trianglesquares.com
Telephone 416-838-5007
Website trianglesquares.com

About Our Club

All Classes are held from late September through the end of May.
Please send us an e-mail if you are visiting Toronto. We would be happy to have you dance with us!


Tue: 15 Maitland Pl. Basement C2
Wed: Jessie Ketchum P.S. Gym: Plus& A1/A2
Thurs: 15 Maitland Pl., Basement1: C1
Thurs: The 519 Community Centre: Mainstream

Dance nights and dance levels:

Wednesday 7-9 Plus, A1, A2
Thursday 7-9 Mainstream, C1

Club Officers and Delegates:

President Peter Brych
Treasurer Michael Moores
Delegate Daniel Gagnon
Delegate (Alt) Peter Brych