Other Gay Dance Organizations

Listed below are other organizations that might be of interest. If you know of an organization we don't have listed, email the webmaster with details.


The Lavender Country and Folk Dancers are a 'gender role-free' dance organization. Their site includes information about gender role-free contra and other dance clubs and events.


The International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs coordinates the activities of its member clubs and serves as a central source of information about the Gay & Lesbian Country Western dance scene. The primary purpose of the organization is "To promote country western dancing, activities and music to all persons without regard to age, sex, gender or gender identity, religion, national or cultural origin, sexual orientation, disability or HIV status."

Sundance Stompede

This annual event is promoted by the Sundance Association, and features a weekend of gay Country and Western dance. (This is a for-profit event promoted by the Sundance Saloon, San Francisco).