IAGSDC Web Site on a New Server

It may not be obvious, but the entire site has moved to a new server. The transfer prepares the way for development of a new site complete with a content management system to facilitate timely updates and greater functionality.

This effort is being shepherded by volunteers Fred Loehr and Michael Wills. As previously announced at the Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Danny Lee, who has served as web architect and webmaster since the inception of the site, has stepped down. We would like to thank Danny for his service. Fred and Michael have graciously offered to assist the organization with the site as we work to put a new webmaster in place.

PLEASE NOTE: The planned changes are only for IAGSDC.org. Separately, Mark Stein manages and assists clubs that host their website on IAGSDC.com. No server migration or changes are planned for .com at this time.