Banner Dances

There is a long tradition within the IAGSDC of clubs hosting 'Banner Dances". These are locally organized events, usually for just one night. Sometimes a section of a fly-in is advertised as a banner dance. The club charges an entry fee for the dance, normally called by a guest caller. The fees collected, less expenses, are divided 50%-50% between the club and a donation to the IAGSDC. Banner dances provide a useful addition to the donations and membership fees that keep the IAGSDC and your own club running.

At banner dances, an official IAGSDC banner is displayed - these are loaned free of charge to clubs by the IAGSDC. To order one for your banner dance, complete the online order form. In addition to providing a fun dance for your local community, banner dances can be a great way to promote your activity to new prospective dancers.