New Site Launching July 15, 2017

We knew that undertaking a rewrite of IAGSDC.ORG was not going to be easy, but something we did not fully anticipate was the difficulty involved in selecting a cutover date to make the move to the new system. Because IAGSDC.ORG is used by many events for registration, and because event registration windows overlap in time, there is no time when a cutover will not affect one or more events in the middle of registration. Understandably, the thought of starting a registration process on one version of software, and completing the process on a new and unknown version of software, makes event organizers nervous. Throw in conventions, and finding the right time to convert and go live with the new system becomes a near impossible feat.

As it turns out, however, the next 2 conventions after Palm Springs 2017 have decided to handle registration on their own, which opens up a window when the site can be converted without affecting a convention. Fly-ins will still be affected, of course, but while we do not wish to minimize the potential effect on fly-ins, it appears that converting at the end of Palm Springs 2017 is our very best option for making the transition while affecting the fewest people.

Palm Springs 2017 is over on July 3rd. We need a couple of days to get home and reset, and it will take a week or so to convert the latest data on the old site to populate the new site. Our target for getting the new site up and running is now July 15, 2017.

We'd like to emphasize that every effort is being made to carry data forward from the old system to the new. That means that if you register for an event on the old system, your registration will appear on the new system. The only thing we cannot carry forward is your password; more on that as the day draws near. We will also keep the old system alive in read-only mode until everyone is comfortable with shutting it down.