UPDATE, June 21, 2016

A beta version of the new site with a complete data load from the existing site has been up and running for about a week. Some cleanup work is underway, but the site will be available for preview at Maple Leafs Regroup.

As you've probably noticed, the announced date of April 16 to begin the transition to the new version of IAGSDC.ORG has come and gone, and nothing has happened. Developing new software is always a challenge, and upgrading computer systems that are already in place and in use by many people can be even more of a challenge. IAGSDC.ORG is no exception.

Having missed the initial cutover date of April 16, the next proposed date of May 15 turns out to be too close for comfort to the annual convention, so it's time for plan B. Or maybe it's plan C, but who's counting?

We are still planning to start the conversion on May 15, but when the new site comes up it will be in beta mode, running in parallel with the current site at a slightly different URL. This version of the site will be what's known as a "sandbox," which is a testing ground that is isolated from the live site, and is used for training and experimentation. The URL will be given out to a limited audience made up primarily of clubs who have upcoming events.

The sandbox will be populated with real data from the current site so that it's not just an empty shell. The URL to the sandbox will be a loosely guarded secret, because running 2 sites that appear to have the same information could be a source of confusion to anyone not fully in tune with the transition plan, or with the concept of a sandbox. Nonetheless, we'd like to give event organizers the opportunity to play with the new software before it goes live, so we will be careful about distributing the URL.

Inevitably, someone interested in the new site, but not technically invited to play with it, will get the URL and do a little testing of their own. That's fine, but if you happen to fall into that category, please keep in mind that nothing you do on the new site -- create an event, register for an event, change your profile, etc. -- will have any real effect. The authoritative site will *always* be at iagsdc.org, not at some alternate URL.

Once we are through the beta period, we will do a final conversion, and go live.

That's the current plan, and we will make an effort to keep you informed as things move forward. Your patience and your good humor are appreciated as we work towards making the transition.