It was announced last year that the IAGSDC website was running on a new server, and that there would soon be a new version of the site. As often happens in software development, the new site took a little longer to develop than anticipated, but there is now a launch date.

The current plan calls for this site to stop accepting new events, new profiles, and new event registrations the weekend of April 16. The new site will go live approximately 1-2 weeks later at the same URL (iagsdc.org). The intervening period will be used to carefully copy events, profiles, and registrations from the old site to the new.

Note, however, that passwords cannot be copied.

Because it is not possible to copy passwords, introductory emails will be sent to all current profile owners once the new site is operational. The email will invite you to log in to for the purpose of setting your password, and will contain a link personal to you that can be used only once. The link will enable you to set a password of your choosing.

As explained in emails sent last year to those of you who have created profiles with a shared email address, copying profiles from the current system to the new system will not be straightforward, because the new system requires every profile to be associated with a unique email address. The current site stopped allowing new profiles to be created with shared email addresses long ago, but that change did nothing to correct the substantial number of existing profiles that still share an email address.

In order to import all 3,280 active profiles and their associated event registrations from the current system into the new system, 268 profiles that have an email address shared by another profile will be assigned a new, unique email address that does not actually exist. That means, of course, that there is no way to send an introductory email to the owners of these profiles. To claim such a profile on the new system, it will be necessary to send an email to webmaster@iagsdc.org from the existing shared email address to request that a real email address be assigned in place of the fictional one.

For example, assume Dale Dancer and Pat Prancer share the email address "daleandpat@gmail.com":

profile 1Dale Dancerdaleandpat@gmail.com
profile 2Pat Prancerdaleandpat@gmail.com
To copy these two profiles to the new system, one of them will be assigned a new, unique email that is fictional (does not actually exist):

profile 1Dale Dancerdaleandpat@gmail.com
profile 2Pat Prancerlegacydup001@iagsdc.org<== note new email

Assigning a fictional but unique email address in place of a shared email address means it will be possible to import all profiles and all associated event registrations into the new system. Unfortunately, it also means that no one will be able to log in to a profile that has been assigned a fictional address, because there is no automated way for the system to contact the profile owner for the purpose of assigning a new password.

In the example given above, the ability to log in to profile 2 can only be restored by sending an e-mail to webmaster@iagsdc.org from "daleandpat@gmail.com" requesting that the fictional address "legacydup001@iagsdc.org" be replaced with a real email address supplied by the user. When that happens, the system will send an invitation email to the new address, which will make it possible to log in to profile 2.

To accommodate those who will never have a unique email address, the new system makes it possible for a single profile to register more than one person for an event. That means that even if Pat Prancer never again logs in to profile 2, Dale Dancer can still register Pat Prancer for future events under profile 1.

Please use the contact form on this page to send any comments or questions you may have about the transition to the new site to IAGSDC Website Support.