Medallions - 20 Year Recipients

Congratulations to those who have been awarded a 20 year medallion, indicating attendance at twenty IAGSDC annual conventions. These awards are made by Rick Hawes, the Medallion Step-Mother. Rick brings his records to each convention; attendees are responsible for checking his records to make sure all their previous attendance has been recorded.

This web page is maintained by IAGSDC members, not Rick. If you have received a medallion and you are not on this list, you need to login to your IAGSDC profile, choose the My Profile option, and update your Personal Information. Please don't contact Rick - there's nothing he can do to update his web page!

Choose the Change Convention Attendance link if you would like to keep a personal record of the conventions you have attended.

Year First Name Last Name  
2003 Steve Browning Profile
2003 Karl Jaeckel Profile
2003 Charles Freeman Stamper Profile
2004 Ray Daum Profile
2004 Bill Eyler Profile
2004 Linda Harry Profile
2004 Elgin Hodgins Profile
2004 Thomas Tripp Profile
2005 Bill Bradshaw Profile
2005 Ken Braidi Profile
2005 Randy Clarke-Ianiero Profile
2005 Rick Hawes Profile
2005 Seth Levine Profile
2005 Ralph Lorier Profile
2005 JW Paulson Profile
2005 Roger Phelps Profile
2005 Donald Williams Profile
2005 Frank Yellin Profile
2006 Deb Cohen Profile
2006 Bob Fuller Profile
2006 Ron Goodman Profile
2006 Ett McAtee Profile
2006 Charles Novak Profile
2006 Andy Shore Profile
2007 Jeff Barlow Profile
2007 Per Bothner Profile
2007 Stan Delfs Profile
2007 Matt Messner Profile
2007 dennis moore Profile
2007 James Ozanich Profile
2007 Brian Smith Profile
2008 Bob Bauer Profile
2008 John Faulds Profile
2008 Cricket Matheson Profile
2008 Marie Mohr Profile
2009 Dave Decot Profile
2009 Stewart Kramer Profile
2009 Scott Philips Profile
2009 Del Powell Profile
2009 Brian Wilding Profile
2010 Ken DiGenova Profile
2010 Jonathan Domash Profile
2010 Ed Egenias Profile
2010 Felix Fornino Profile
2010 Joy Gosswiller Profile
2010 P.Turtle-Bear Guillermo Profile
2010 Will Hamp Profile
2010 Tim Harper Profile
2010 terry neal Profile
2010 Patrick Ross Profile
2010 Mike Rutkowski Profile
2010 Jim Test Profile
2010 Greeley Walker Profile
2010 Paul Weiss Profile
2010 Ed Zeigler Profile
2011 Jim Clark Profile
2011 Fred Harke Profile
2011 Alan Kroll Profile
2011 John Mckinstry Profile
2011 Carl Smith Profile
2011 Bill Tyler Profile
2011 Tom Voss Profile
2012 Paul Asente Profile
2012 Gary Dougan Profile
2012 Rick Simkin Profile
2012 Mark Stein Profile
2012 Richard Tuck Profile
2012 Gregory Wilson Profile
2013 John Bailey Profile
2013 Kent de Jong Profile
2013 Keith Gehrig Profile
2013 Michael Pemberton Profile
2014 Tony Horvat Profile
2014 Jeff Meagher Profile
2014 Ron Peterson Profile
2015 Cameron Aishton Profile
2015 orlando bettis Profile
2015 Bill Graefe Profile
2015 stanley kawecki Profile
2015 Joel Laliberte Profile
2015 John Oldfield Profile
2015 Bob Rohde Profile
2015 George Voorhis Profile
2016 Steven Lew Profile
2017 Don Cheff Profile