Detail for Bloomin Squares

Address Dance Location Only
7747 Foothill BLVD
CA 91042
Main Contact Dianalee Bartera
Email Contacts bloominsquares@gmail.com
Telephone (818) 945-1189
Website www.iagsdc.com/bloominsquares/

About Our Club

CLUB CLASS NIGHT: 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Wednesdays-Plus DBD workshop at 7pm followed by plus class 8-9:45pm. ADVANCED CLASS: Sundays 4-6:30pm. DANCES: are on selected Saturday nights (usally 4th or 5th Saturday of the month).NO ROUNDS - Tips alternate between MS-Plus-Advanced as all our dances. Check our website www.bloominsquares.org or call our 24 hour hotline for full info: (818) 945-1189


Tujunga-Sunland Municipal Building: 7747 Foothill BLVD, Tujunga CA 91042. Sometimes we use alternate locations. Call our hot line at (818)945-1189.

Dance nights and dance levels:

Sunday 4-7:00pm Advanced Class
Wednesday 7:00 pm - 9:45 + DBD Workshop 7: Pl
Saturday Selected Sat: MS/P/A

Club Officers and Delegates:

President Joan Klein
Treasurer Sandy MacLennan
Delegate Joan Klein
Delegate (Alt) Dianalee Bartera