Callers - GCA Members Only

indicates a gay caller - a member of the Gay Callers Association (GCA).

  Last Name First Name Level Locale      
Allen Drew C2 PA , USA   EmailProfile
Amspoker Scott C1 NM , USA   EmailProfile
Benoit Mark A2 Ontario , Canada   EmailProfile
Bjore Chuck A2 AZ,   EmailProfile
Bragg Dane A2 PA , USA   EmailProfile
Ceder Vic C4 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Chong Andy C3a ON , Canada   EmailProfile
Christiansen Len C2 BC , CANADA Website EmailProfile
Clasper Barry C4 ON , Canada Website EmailProfile
Clewe Jane C3b CA , USA   EmailProfile
Crawshaw-Lopton Ross Plus UT , USA Website EmailProfile
Cronyn DC C3a WA, USA   EmailProfile
Daum Ray Plus IN, USA  EmailProfile
Decot Dave C2 CA , USA   EmailProfile
Dilges Donald A2 WI , USA   EmailProfile
Eyler Bill C2 NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Feldman Abe A2 DC , USA   EmailProfile
Fellegy Todd C4 CT, USAWebsite EmailProfile
Forrester Kent C2 MD , United States Website EmailProfile
Fujii Yusaku C3b Tokyo , Japan   EmailProfile
Gallina Darren A2 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Gollhardt Kurt C1 CA , USA   EmailProfile
Gotta Betsy C3b NJ , USA Website EmailProfile
Griffiths Lee C3a CA , USA   EmailProfile
Hampton Rick C1 California, Website EmailProfile
Hirsch Alan Plus CO , USA   EmailProfile
Hodge Dayle C3a MD , USA   EmailProfile
Hoffner-Stolarick ChiChi A2 ON, Canada  EmailProfile
Hughes Jennifer C1 CA , US   EmailProfile
Hurst Allan C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Jacobson Mikael Plus TX , USA   EmailProfile
Jarvis Brian C2 MD , US Website EmailProfile
Jedlicka Geo C4 NJ , USA   EmailProfile
Jensen Kris C3a NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Kaiser Tom Plus CA , USA   EmailProfile
Kaspik Arlene A2 IL , USA   EmailProfile
Keating Brian Plus OH , USA   EmailProfile
Kellogg Michael C3a CA,   EmailProfile
Kenny John C3a CA , USA Website EmailProfile
kerr harlan C4 ca, USA  EmailProfile
Knowles Bob A2 CA, USA  EmailProfile
Knupp Blaine Plus PA , USA   EmailProfile
Lane Richard C1 New Mexico , USA Website EmailProfile
Langhoff Stephanie C3a CA , USA   EmailProfile
Legters Ron A2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Levine Seth A2 AZ , USA Website EmailProfile
Levy Michael C2 CA, USAWebsite EmailProfile
Lytthouse Matthew Plus VT , USA Website EmailProfile
MacDonald Bruce A2 BC , CANADA   EmailProfile
Maltenfort Michael C2 IL , U.S.   EmailProfile
Martellacci Nick C2 NY, USA Website EmailProfile
Matteson Tim A2 OR , USA   EmailProfile
McAtee Ett C4 MD,   EmailProfile
McMullen Michael C2 OR,   EmailProfile
Miyabe Osamu C4 ON , Canada   EmailProfile
Monday Gary C2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Nalbach Cynthia MS CA , USA   EmailProfile
Novak Charles A2 MI , USA   EmailProfile
Oldfield John C1 IL , USA Website EmailProfile
Paul Thomas A1 Hamburg, GermanyWebsite EmailProfile
Phelan Chris C1 DE, USA  EmailProfile
Phillips Chris C3a FL , USA Website EmailProfile
Powell Del C3b CA, USA   EmailProfile
Push Pat Plus NY, Website EmailProfile
Reel Richard A2 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Richman Howard A2 New Jersey , USA Website EmailProfile
Ricks Therron Plus IL, USA  EmailProfile
Ritucci Ken C2 MA , USA Website EmailProfile
Ryan John Plus CA ,   EmailProfile
Ryan John Plus CA, usa  EmailProfile
S. Mein MS DC ,   EmailProfile
Sale Ken C3b CA , USA   EmailProfile
Sasaki Ryo C4 Tokyo , Japan   EmailProfile
Sewell Doug A2 OH, USA  EmailProfile
Shannon Dale A2 MI , USA   EmailProfile
Sherrer Terri C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Shore Andy C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Shuping Rod C1 Calif, Website EmailProfile
Slater JP C2 BC , Canada   EmailProfile
Smith Paul C1 Ohio, USA  EmailProfile
Smith Ron MS pa , Website EmailProfile
St. Jean Don C2 Ontario , Canada   EmailProfile
Tamanaha Fen C3a CA , US   EmailProfile
Test Jim C1 NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Uebelacker Anne C3b BC, Canada   EmailProfile
van Houten Paul Plus CA ,   EmailProfile
van Houten Paul A2 CA ,   EmailProfile
van Keuren Steve A1 CA ,   EmailProfile
van Melle Bill C4 CA ,   EmailProfile
Wedel Diana C2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Welch Clara MS GA, USA Website EmailProfile
Wells Aaron C1 MO , united states Website EmailProfile