Callers - GCA Members Only

indicates a gay caller - a member of the Gay Callers Association (GCA).

  Last Name First Name Level Locale      
Allen Drew C2 PA , USA   EmailProfile
Amspoker Scott C1 NM , USA   EmailProfile
Benoit Mark A2 Ontario , Canada   EmailProfile
Bjore Chuck A2 AZ,   EmailProfile
Bragg Dane A2 PA , USA   EmailProfile
Ceder Vic C4 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Chong Andy C3a ON , Canada   EmailProfile
Christiansen Len C2 BC , CANADA Website EmailProfile
Clasper Barry C4 ON , Canada Website EmailProfile
Clewe Jane C3b CA , USA   EmailProfile
Crawshaw-Lopton Ross Plus UT , USA Website EmailProfile
Cronyn DC C3a WA, USA   EmailProfile
Daum Ray Plus IN, USA  EmailProfile
Decot Dave C2 CA , USA   EmailProfile
Dilges Donald A2 WI , USA   EmailProfile
Eyler Bill C2 NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Feldman Abe A2 DC , USA   EmailProfile
Fellegy Todd C4 CT, USAWebsite EmailProfile
Forrester Kent C2 MD , United States Website EmailProfile
Fujii Yusaku C3b Tokyo , Japan   EmailProfile
Gallina Darren A2 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Gollhardt Kurt C1 CA , USA   EmailProfile
Gotta Betsy C3b NJ , USA Website EmailProfile
Griffiths Lee C3a CA , USA   EmailProfile
Hirsch Alan Plus CO , USA   EmailProfile
Hodge Dayle C3a MD , USA   EmailProfile
Hoffner-Stolarick ChiChi A2 ON, Canada  EmailProfile
Hughes Jennifer C1 CA , US   EmailProfile
Hurst Allan C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Jacobson Mikael Plus TX , USA   EmailProfile
Jarvis Brian C2 MD , US Website EmailProfile
Jedlicka Geo C4 NJ , USA   EmailProfile
Jensen Kris C3a NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Kaiser Tom Plus CA , USA   EmailProfile
Kaspik Arlene A2 IL , USA   EmailProfile
Keating Brian Plus OH , USA   EmailProfile
Kellogg Michael C3a CA,   EmailProfile
Kenny John C3a CA , USA Website EmailProfile
kerr harlan C4 ca, USA  EmailProfile
Knowles Bob A2 CA, USA  EmailProfile
Knupp Blaine Plus PA , USA   EmailProfile
Lane Richard C1 New Mexico , USA Website EmailProfile
Langhoff Stephanie C3a CA , USA   EmailProfile
Legters Ron A2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Levine Seth A2 AZ , USA Website EmailProfile
Levy Michael C2 CA, USAWebsite EmailProfile
Lytthouse Matthew Plus VT , USA Website EmailProfile
MacDonald Bruce A2 BC , CANADA   EmailProfile
Maltenfort Michael C2 IL, U.S.  EmailProfile
Martellacci Nick C2 NY, USA Website EmailProfile
Matteson Tim A2 OR , USA   EmailProfile
McAtee Ett C4 MD,   EmailProfile
McMullen Michael C2 OR,   EmailProfile
Miyabe Osamu C4 ON , Canada   EmailProfile
Monday Gary C2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Novak Charles A2 MI , USA   EmailProfile
Oldfield John C1 IL , USA Website EmailProfile
Paul Thomas A1 Hamburg, GermanyWebsite EmailProfile
Phelan Chris C1 DE, USA  EmailProfile
Phillips Chris C3a FL, USA Website EmailProfile
Powell Del C3b CA, USA   EmailProfile
Push Pat Plus NY, Website EmailProfile
Reel Richard A2 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Richman Howard A2 New Jersey , USA Website EmailProfile
Ricks Therron Plus IL, USA  EmailProfile
Ritucci Ken C2 MA , USA Website EmailProfile
Ryan John Plus CA ,   EmailProfile
Ryan John Plus CA, usa  EmailProfile
S. Mein MS DC ,   EmailProfile
Sale Ken C3b CA , USA   EmailProfile
Sasaki Ryo C4 Tokyo , Japan   EmailProfile
Sewell Doug A2 OH, USA  EmailProfile
Shannon Dale A2 MI , USA   EmailProfile
Sherrer Terri C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Shore Andy C1 CA , USA Website EmailProfile
Shuping Rod C1 Calif, Website EmailProfile
Slater JP C2 BC , Canada   EmailProfile
Smith Paul C1 Ohio, USA  EmailProfile
Smith Ron MS pa , Website EmailProfile
St. Jean Don C2 Ontario , Canada   EmailProfile
Tamanaha Fen C3a CA , US   EmailProfile
Test Jim C1 NM , USA Website EmailProfile
Uebelacker Anne C3b BC, Canada   EmailProfile
van Houten Paul Plus CA ,   EmailProfile
van Houten Paul A2 CA ,   EmailProfile
van Keuren Steve A1 CA ,   EmailProfile
van Melle Bill C4 CA ,   EmailProfile
Wedel Diana C2 WA , USA   EmailProfile
Welch Clara MS GA, USA Website EmailProfile
Wells Aaron C1 MO , united states Website EmailProfile